Tattoo Removal

There was a time when tattoos were permanent. Not anymore.
We can provide full or partial removal.

Laser Tattoo Removal

We can provide full or partial removal, making way for a new design or allowing you to completely forget about that mistake.

Laser Tattoo removal is a non-invasive process that breaks down the pigment within the skin which the body will naturally eliminate. Typically, black and other dark colours can be removed completely, coloured pigment can take slightly longer.

  • Small AreaFrom £48
  • Medium AreaFrom £70
  • Large AreaFrom £110

How does it work?

Tattoo pigment is broken down into tiny pieces by the energy of the laser. This enables the body to break down the pigment more easily and eliminate it from the body, through the natural detox process.

Does it hurt?

Due to the laser light energy reacting with the synthetic tattoo pigment, there will be some heat generated, this can feel more intense in the darker areas and less powerful in the lighter, less shaded parts. Any discomfort felt is usually tolerated well and is only short term.

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